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water-based texture coating

water-based texture coating


主要成分:Main ingredients: new-type decoration coating

性  質: acrylic acid polyurethane series 
用  途: weatherproof  wood equipment 
分  類: Terrace paint 
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Main ingredients: new-type decoration coating


Properties: emulsion paint series

用  途:

Application: architecture, others


architectural coating

Water-based texture coating is the new-type decoration coating. The new-type art coating brings the smoothness era of wall body coating into the fully-new era of natural environmental-friendly concave-convex coating. The product has no radiation, light weight and real effect, and can paint all styles of three-dimensional decorative designs through different construction processing steps, methods and techniques on the wall and can make brisk structure.

Features Features: The product matches weather resistance pigment, filler and special construction technology, and makes coating films have texture sense of stone materials and rich color.
Effectively obstruct water and all kinds of corrosive material into wall body, and fully give full play to functions.
Texture wall coating gets granular sensation, standard texture, strike-off, skin texture and other styles to make the scratching effects robust and different style.
Uneasy to make stripping and other phenomenon, and have excellence weather resistance and hydrophobic breathability to effectively cover up small crackers of the wall body.



container condition

no hard lump and appear equaled after mixing

application property

accessible to blade coating and spraying

initial dry crack resistance

no cracking

water resistance

the coating is not raised, crazed and peeled off and allow making light color changing compared with sinking parts after 96h.

alkali resistance

the coating is not raised, crazed and peeled off and allow making light color changing compared with sinking parts after 48h.

pollution resistance

Not more than level 2 after 5-time cyclic test

Bonding strength

standard conditions>0.70

after-water sinking>0.50



solid portion


Drying time (surface drying)

≤4h 25℃ 50% relative humidity

Surface treatment: before coating, material surface should be clean, dry, smooth, fastened and no sundries. Ground moisture content <10% and PH<10.
Theoretical paint consumption content: about 2-4kg/m2 (make the difference by actual roughness and different construction technology.)
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