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Franchise advantages
  Franchise advantages
  Advantage 1: independent production and development of technology leading advantage
  Shenyang Golden Flying Horse Paint Co., Ltd. was established in 1976, and accelerated business arrangement of Golden Flying Horse Group through a series of acquisitions to improve and fill the domestic and overseas marketing network. New modernization workshops have possessed automation production equipments and advantage technologies to greatly meet demands from various customers. Strong productivity can also take original equipment manufacturer for domestic and foreign companies.
  Advantage 2: 30 years’ industrial market experience advantage
  We have supplied pre-sales consultation, sales training and after-sales business all-round track service by 30 more years’ industrial rich market experience and sharp insights and comprehension, and have become the best supporting power of cooperators.
  Advantage 3: excellent management team advantage and perfect assorted training service system
  The company has carried out business works according to market regulation since founded. Teamwork operation can make the perfect system and tackle key technology problems, marketing promotion, logistics and other clear-cut division and tacit cooperation requirements. It will supply powerful guarantee for quickly developing alliance business.
  Advantage 4: operation experience—brand operation and marketing strategy advantage
  Enterprise strategy is to become the first brand in China paint industry for Shenyang Golden Flying Horse Paint Co., Ltd., so we have formed a series of strategic thinking for mature brand minds, brand images, brand publicity and brand sales. The company will input many advertisements in national markets according to these strategies and carry out many marketing activities. Advertisements in prime time of CCTV, Baidu extension and other projects make our brand rising in China. Our cooperators will become stronger and get mutual benefits and win-win opportunities with Shenyang Golden Flying Horse Paint Co.,Ltd..
  Advantage 5: operation advantage—mature franchise system operation advantage
  The head office unifies national marketing management mode, and implements unified marketing extension activities with cooperators and makes strict regional protection, regulation management and policy support. We take the division of different level of cooperators, and guide and regulate marketing rules of cooperators. We supply the best help for cooperators successfully operating. Mature, regulated and prospective franchise operation system is the benefit guarantee of alliance business.
  Advantage 6: profit guarantee—standing in the industry and developing in depth and breadth
  Investment and profit are the key of initial cooperation for cooperator and the final cooperation goal. Really understanding industrial development feature, grasping industrial development pulse, standing in industrial highest point and making stable development are the down-to-earth working goal. The head office will collect the qualified merchants to make key support in the key cities with good domestic economic foundation and consumption, and covers China later. Giving aid to alliance business to become successful can form seed benefits to make the head office and branches to take unified marketing for getting better.
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